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Video tapes are bulky and deteriorate as time goes by, on top of that for many tape formats the players and decks are no longer available, rendering them virtually impossible to watch, add the fact that Floridians live in a hurricane threat area and the need to transfer a video tape collection becomes very clear.

Miami DVD Solutions will professionally transfer your VHS, VHSC, BETA, Hi8 or Digital 8 videotapes, to high quality, long lasting DVDs.

We strongly believe that not all tapes are equal in terms of importance of the contents, therefore they should not be treated as one and the same. A day in the zoo with a kid a few decades ago – although very important as memories go – is not the same as when this same kid grew up and is having his/her wedding day, so each of those tapes may require a different treatment once digitized.

Transfers can be made as affordable, simple conversion from old media, say a VHS tape, to a DVD and played in DVD/Blue Ray players or computers, as it would be the case in the “Day in the Zoo” example above, or they can be an enhanced version of the original, where we can provide several different custom packages, like personalized menus, where the viewer can have instant access to specific scenes – a very popular option for wedding tapes, that tend to be rather long occasions and one don’t always want to watch the entire footage, and that’s when menus come handy: Menus allow the viewer to go to a specific part of the event, say, the party or the ceremony and watch only what is of interest at that moment. We also offer editing, voice-overs, and the addition of music, photos and more!


Very few people still own the old projectors that were used to watch film stock at home, and those who still do, probably would not even consider plugging the vintage equipment to an electric outlet anyways, therefore those who have family movies in film format owns precious footage of parents, grandparents, assorted relatives and themselves as children or infants that has not been seen for a very long time. It is not rare for us to transfer movies filmed in the 40’s and 50’s. Very precious stuff!

We convert 8mm, Super 8, Super 8 with sound and 16mm film into digital video, allowing you to watch all the long forgotten family footage in your high end television set.

There are many ways in the market to transfer film to digital video, only one method is considered to be up to our standards, it is the only one we use.

All film is physically cleaned before processing; next our equipment captures your film frame-by-frame, meaning each frame of the film is captured individually, resulting in a very high quality conversion of your original.


Together with video and film transfers, photo collection scanning is extremely popular. We offer professional, high-end scanning services, transferring your precious photos into disks that hold the equivalent of several conventional photo albums, the disks can be used to print new copies of the photos as well, either at home or at any photo printing shop.

Scanning your photo prints, negatives and slides is very important to safeguard them from deterioration and providing a handy and very portable back-up for irreplaceable memories, something particularly important for those who live in Florida, due to the hurricane threat during the summer months.


A very popular product to be presented to your guests in weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions in general, or just to be viewed in a more intimate setting, with a few close friends and relatives.

We put together a presentation using photos, slides, negatives, video and film footage as well as captions and your favorite music to an end product that is almost always a guarantee to stir emotions and possibly require a box of tissue paper just in case.

For the customer, the process can be as simple as giving us the materials and picking up the finished movie when ready, or it can be a very involved production, where the client sits with us in the editing room, and participates in the process of choosing the photo sequence, music and even adding a personal video recorded message or a voice-over message where it is suited.

As a note for the husbands and wives out there, this is a very personal end product, one that cannot be purchased in a store. It makes a really great, thoughtful and unique anniversary gift.


Create a video documentary of you life, complete with your treasured memories, mementos and keepsakes.

This is one of the best ways to perpetuate the family’s history and personal values – by telling them yourself to children and grandchildren, ensuring that they know about their family and their legacy. Think about it, wouldn’t you like to see and hear your grandparents telling you about their lives, about what they believe to be right and important and as your hear it, to see them and the photos and video footage of the places and people they mention in their narrative?

Narrated by you we create a video history to be shared by your family, community and friends for generations to come.

This makes a great gift from grandparents to children and grandchildren.