We were so delighted when we were finally able to see all of the old home movies. The 8mm and 16 mm reels that had been sitting in the closet for years were finally on DVD. Copies for the entire family. The grandchildren were so excited to see the grandparents and great grandparents when they were young! Jean and Sandra were a pleasure to do business with. They helped us to get ready for the project and were always available to consult. They were highly professional and finished the project on time…in time for a party! I plan to look around in the homes of other family members to see what else might be available to put on DVD. In addition to this wonderful project we plan to create a family archive and get the history of the older members of the family on video. I cannot wait to work on this project with Jean and Sandra.

Suzanne Andisman

Miami DVD Solutions converted my families 16 and 8 mm films into exceptional DVD’s that have preserved my childhood and my family’s historical memories. This was no easy task as many of the 20 or so rolls of film were in a very delicate condition. The Buchwalds not only created DVD’s but did so in a professionally artistic manner which created a continual chronological flow of our family’s most memorable occasions. I will be forever grateful to them for their professionalism, their insight and the creative editing that they performed which resulted in a family heirloom.

Laynie Stern

When looking for a way to preserve films of the kids growing up, which were on fragile VCR tapes, I turned to Jean Buchwald at Miami DVD Solutions. With little instruction from me, Jean organized the tapes, put them in an indexed format on DVD, and returned the originals and the DVD’s to me promptly, and at a reasonable price. We’ve spent hours with the kids, who are now in college or off on their own, reliving pleasant memories. Jean also created a fantastic video of my daughter for an event she was being honored at—from start to finish, the video was his creation. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was both professional, easy to work with, and reasonably priced.

Louis Berlin

Dear Jean and Sandra,

Marge and I want to thank you for the very professional and brilliant work you did for us. We think that the delivered DVD surpassed all of our expectations and hopes for a documentary of our lives.

As you know, I have been subjected to “movie editing” most of my life so I feel qualified to judge “brilliant work”. My first job in WWII was the editing of the films being produced by the U.S. Army’s Training Films Production Laboratory in Astoria, N.Y.

Thank you for the unexpected research you did in finding the movie poster of my father’s film “His Wife’s Lover”. Neither Yahoo nor Google ever mentioned it.

Also, where did you ever locate Isaac’s picture? Ike was only 1 year older that I but when we were younger he would always take care of me as though he was 20 years my senior. I will always treasure it and his memory. When he received awards for the classic “Victory at Sea”, 2 other Emmy awards, 10 Emmy nominations and the Albert Lasker award twice – (no-one else ever received it twice), I would remind him of who taught him film editing. His previous work was at his father’s Candy Store Soda fountain and his own successful idea of selling malted milk at 5 cents a glass in Harlem, N.Y.

And, Marge’s grandparents trip to San Antonio by Covered Wagon where did you find that? All in all, we got much more than we bargained for and that is why we are recommending Miami DVD Solutions Services to everyone we know who want to preserve their stories for future generations.

Thank you again and again,

Ben and Marge Kleinerman

My name is Jessica Unmani King and I am the President and founder of Lifeskills International Inc. Recently based on the humanitarian work that leads me around the world, I made a monumental decision to start a Not for profit foundation that would benefit homeless, and underserved children in third world countries. My first stop was India. With India being the largest country with children living in the streets and slums, I felt compelled to share the mission with the world. I had no idea how that would happen and then, I remembered that I had worked with Miami DVD Solutions on a project a year before and the work was just outstanding! I knew that there was only one person who could capture the vision and the quality of the product I wanted to produce for my charity. That person was the President and founder of Miami DVD Solutions Mr. Jean Buchwald. Jean and his caring staff supported me every step of the way on my project, and went above and beyond the call to produce one of the most first class documentaries I have ever seen. This company and its integrity in my experience, stand above the rest in its professionalism, quality, and outstanding attention to detail.

I know that Miami DVD Solutions will be my partner for many years to come, as it supports me as an Ambassador for Peace, making a difference in some small way in this world.

Thank you so much Jean and your staff for making One Humanity, One Planet Project India, a first class product and offering to the world.

Jessica Unmani King
Peace Ambassador Founder of

I would like to thank Miami DVD Solutions for the work they have done for New Cyber Ministry.

The staff at New Cyber Ministry is very pleased with your work. You have made our ministry much more effective to our viewers. Thank you for your skills in making our presentations come alive and thank you for your promptness in delivering the work on time.

Pastor James R. Price, President